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Friday, February 7, 2014

Deep Scatter at Etsy

I've just put some items in my shop at Etsy. Deep Scatter was meant to be a place to sell the supplies I was no longer using.

For a while I quit with crafting and making art. I avoided my craft room. Mostly because it was a terrible mess, a really deep scattering of stuff all over. This past December I've cleaned up the craft room and sorted things out. I either sold, gave away or organized my stuff.

I'm getting back into the passion of making things again. There are some things I truly enjoy making. Bookmarks would be on the top of my list. I save all my Page-a-Day Calendars and used these as pictures for my bookmarks. I find fun yarn, ribbons and fibers as the string at the top. I feel each bookmark needs a tassel. I mostly love the tassels because all my cats love playing with string and ribbons.
Lord of the Rings Boromir Bookmark

I love really strong magnets. The good kind, the rare earth type, is hard to find. These magnets can hold up a small child. I like a magnet to hold whatever I need. I found some glass domes and am going to try my hand at making a decorative magnet line. I love color, glitter and paper. I'm sure to come up with something.

Up-cycling is another interest of mine. I like to take an item headed for the garbage and make it into something totally new and different. I look at some condiment jars and just love the shape of them. We've started buying bottles of Coke at Costco since it has cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I'd love to change these into something useful, saving it from the landfill.

We grow our own catnip and I really need to make my cats some toys using it. Then I thought since we grow so much of the catnip, why not make toys for other cats as well. This is another avenue I'm exploring.

My Etsy shop is here: DeepScatter on Etsy

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